Seisiún 5 Ag Neartú agus ag Dathú Áiteanna na mBréagáin

Chríochnaigh muid na háit súgartha i gcóir ár bréagán.  Bhíomar ag peinteáil.  Dheisigh muid ár áit súgartha le greamathóirí beaga. Rinneamar níos laidre iad le na greamathóirí seo.   Chuireamar le cheile na áit súgartha ionas go raibh na bréagáin in ann súgradh lena céile.  Bhí seans againn súgragh leo chomh maith.  Rinneamar taispeántais in aice leis an halla.

The children first strengthened and painted their individual pieces begun in session 3, then they collaborated in twos, threes or fours on the painting of large grounds or maps on which the places can co-exist. These are now being exhibited next to the School Hall.

The materials we used:

Paint, palettes, brushes, water containers, tissue (to dry brushes and mop up spills).

Large sheets of paper (from Recreate) for the floor pieces. 

Paper Stickers to cover and strengthen previous week’s making where necessary (from Recreate – matt and suitable for painting over )

Masking tape .

Images to follow.

Seisiún 4 Cuairt chuig An Lexicon

In the classroom before setting out we looked at Google Earth again, anticipating our journey. We discussed how it would be good to look out the window of the bus and see could we spot various things we were now looking at on the map. It was freezing outside so we were very glad to get on the bus, and really enjoyed the journey.

In the Lexicon, we had our little snack and looked at a map of the gallery space and talked about the Lexicon and discussed appropriate behaviour for a gallery. Kim had arrived first and had divided the exhibition up into four so we split into groups with each group choosing one of their images to share with the others. The whole group then had a little tour of the four chosen pieces lead by the children. We even had a short group meditation in front of the piece that inspired this feeling in one of the children! Then we looked out the window of the gallery to the harbour and buildings and gardens within sight and remarked on the patterns and shapes and what we could see.

Back in the workshop space each child got a large sheet and chalk pastels where they were encouraged to use shapes and colour and take pleasure in the action of drawing in response to some of what they had seen – the maps, the journey, the work, the views in the window. When they had finished they assembled their own exhibition in the space and had their lunch before we were all back on the bus again. The children were delighted to receive the catalogue of the exhibition as a souvenir and their work also travelled back with them.

Bhíomar go lèir traochta tar éis an turas! Bhí lá iontach againn! 

Images to follow

Seisiún 3 Áiteanna dár mbreagáin

Bhíomar ag spraoi ‘Deir Scéalaí Béar’ agus a cur na breagáin ag bogadh.

Bhí na breagáin ag canadh a gcuid nainmneacha cosúil linn an tseachtain seo caite.

img_4705Tá muid ag dul go dtí an Lexicon an tseachtain seo chughainn.


Bhí muid ag déanamh rudaí as páipéar i gcóir ár teidí.

Chuireamar píosaí páipéir ar na taobh chun an structúr a choimeád suas.

Rinne muid rudaí as páipéar mar shampla, stáitse agus tithe.


Bhí muid ag déanamh páipéar eitleáin.  


Rinneamar dorais beaga le haghaidh na sióga beaga.

Rinne duine éigean a lán eitleáin chun an oileán picín a chosaint ó na dróin.

Spás faoin fharraige don bhreagán

DLR Primary Arts. Rathmichael N.S 2nd class with Artist Jane Groves.

7/12/16  Session 3… Listen.

Arriving in class today,We took a little time to discuss our map making session last week, reflecting on how accurate it was. The class have arranged a castle made with Ms McCoy on the surface of the giant map, I love the way the ‘sense of place’ discussion is fusing into the wider classroom curriculum.

With the high energy associated with the end of term, I decided to take a reflective and relaxed approach today and to expand on the theme of music.

Firstly I talked about mark making and how different marks could reflect different emotions or sensations.

I had chosen several pieces of music which I felt might subtly reflect the local environment and climate, choosing a piece about the mountains, rivers, a piece by local musicians ‘Kila’ from’Song of the sea’, pieces from ‘vivaldis’  winter season and recordings from ‘A Sound map of Dunlaoghaire ‘project

The children were invited firstly to do a small mindfulness exercise following their breath and then told to close their eyes while they made marks in response to the music. Much to the delight of the children we created several ‘sound drawings’ and then with eyes open had a longer time to create an abstract piece in paint.

We talked about the different instruments and the marks we made to respond to them.The children were remarkably sensitive, while listening to the the winter part of the four seasons, one boy said ‘It makes me feel very sad and reminds me of when my granny died’ or in response to the mountains,’my marks are dancing, they’re running faster and faster climbing higher and higher’


We finished off making some sketch books, ready for more shenanigans next term. Many thanks to Steff for washing out all those pallets! Have a great Christmas holiday everyone!

DLR Primary Arts. Rathmichael National school 2nd class with Artist Jane Groves

30/11/16. session 2.  Being Here…..

Arriving at School this morning I found the children playing outside on a blissfully mild, sunny and beautiful Autumns day ,so instead of heading straight into the classroom, I decided to investigate the school space outside. I had intended to explore the children’s sense of place from the perspective of their school and its location but also wanted them to open up their senses and take a valuable moment to be present.

We made a circle outside and talked about where we were, which direction are the mountains? the sea? the motorway ?  I wanted to encourage a sense of the children knowing where they are and how it makes them feel.

We traced our way round the outside wall of the school to the garden I wanted them to look at the shape of the school and to open there senses. Once we were beside the garden I asked the children to take a moment to close their eyes and to listen to the sounds they could hear and from where they were coming from, I encouraged them to start with listening to their own breathing and then to move outwards so they could make sound map’s  of everything they could hear around them.


After absorbing more sounds and looking for different colours we headed back to the classroom to draw some more maps


I asked the children to describe in pictures their journey to school, noting the things they often saw ,smelt or heard .

….then invited them to describe their environment to me in the form of a giant map, I wanted to understand the childrens perception of place, something which we could discuss later, we also used scissors and extra paper to reposition things.

What a great responsive class! can’t wait to see them again! Thanks for having me 2nd class.

DLR Primary Arts. Rathmichael National School 2nd Class with Artist Jane Groves


session 1  Meeting the class….

Today was my first session with Ms McCoys fantastic 2nd class at Rathmichael N.S in Shankhill. I knew immediately that we are going to have so much fun before I even entered the classroom as the children gathered around me in the playground asking lots of questions and by the warm welcome which Steff my assisting artist and I received.The children seemed open and curious and were really interested in who we were and if I was ‘A famous Artist’ ? I began by introducing myself and showing them some slides of my work, However I think I was just as excited about meeting all the other artists in the room so I set about creating an environment which would help me to understand them as individuals and as a group better.

I introduced the concept of ‘A sense of place’ and asked the group to create an idea of place for me with different sets of given materials.We arranged the children onto 3 tables onto which I placed 3 different closed boxes of provocations which I had separated into different tones and textures for them to investigate together.


P1020688.JPGTable 1 investigated shimmering and iridescent materials. 


Table 2 investigated a collection of interesting textures.



Table 3 investigated monochrome materials.

The excitement in the room exploded and the children’s natural capacity for invention and creative play took over. I had deliberately limited the materials so as to foster problem solving.The only brief was that each table was to create a sense of place together as tables.

This was an opportunity to stand back and observe the children’s different strategies and strengths.I never fail to feel in awe of different childrens unique way of experiencing and expressing creatively. Some children prefer to work alone and others in groups, some are methodical ,others let ideas develop organically and it is always the process and not the product which is most inspiring! I encouraged the groups to bring their ideas together, which resulted in some incredible narratives (note to self to record more audio!)



 The children had some time to showcase what they had created.

Table 1 …The Innovaters.. had imagined a futuristic New York creating skyscrapers and buildings around Central Park, one of the boys had even made a moveable vehicle on an arial road.

Table 2…. The Story tellers…. had pulled all its diverse ideas together by envisioning a Irish time line which linked, Croke park, the GPO during the rising and a mythical lake which created its own snow (the girls had so much fun pouring beads into and out of home made funnels)

Table 3….The scientists….created a funfair which involved a complex entrapment machine and a rollercoaster through which paper balls where rolled and an amazing welcoming statue



Wow! all this on our first day together! what an inspiring group of children! can’t wait to meet them again!

Seisiún 2: Dúshláin agus Smaointe

Bhuaileamar le Scéalaí Bhear:


Chonaic muid an báibín teidí:


Bhailigh muid na scéaltaí is fearr le daoine:


Bhíomar ag déanamh dushlán. Rinne muid fuaimeanna agus téann an fuaim ar aghaidh ón duine ag an tús go dtí an duine deireanach:


Rinneamar rudaí as píosaí páipéar:


Rinneamar rudaí éagsúla le páipéar:

















Spring releaser








Bhí muid ag déanamh ealaín. Scríobh muid sna leabhar notaí. Scríobh muid rudaí faoi cad ba mhaith linn déanamh


Half eagle half hawk ag iascaireacht.


Hotel Kilkenny


An Trá


Treoracha conas Double Headed Ghost a dhéanamh:img_4543img_4544img_4545img_4547img_4548img_4550img_4551img_4553