Dalkey Project School 6th Class – Playwriting – Artist – Michelle Read

Session 2

15th January 2013

This week in Playwriting we start with the story spine from Red Riding Hood. This is written out in six pithy lines suggesting possible scenes. We discuss the variations on the original story and the many modern adaptations the children know including a version by Roald Dahl and a film called Hoodwinked.

Relief – the story still has “currency” with 12 year olds!

We talk about the characters and their traits in the original story…

Riding Hood – young, innocent, naïve.

Mother – kind, busy, strict.

The Wolf – charming, persuasive, dangerous.

Granny – old, sweet, vulnerable.

Then we explore what effects changing the character traits might have.

A stubborn Riding Hood needs a persuasive mother.

An honest and stupid Wolf gives the game away, but in a fun way.

A wild, drunken Mother may have an ulterior motive for sending her only daughter into the woods alone.

A religious, delusional Wolf may be even more dangerous than the regular kind of wolf.

The children seem to have a lot of fun changing the characters. I’m hoping they’re also beginning to grasp how integral character is to story and how changes to the characters will begin to effect the way the story unfolds.

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