Ballyowen Meadows/ St.Columbanus – Senior Group/ Claire Halpin – Week 2


We started this week by refreshing ourselves on the work of Mondrian and what colours and lines he used. Then we drew our own version of a Mondrian using only vertical and horizontal lines and red, blue, yellow, black, grey and white. We then started adding colour to our black and white collages from last week. Using coloured card and coloured celophane we could build up in layers and see the shapes underneath. The coloured cellophane turned the world around us into different colours when we looked through it. This gave Craig and Grace the idea of making cellophane sunglasses. We cut and tore so like last week got different edges – sharp or soft edges to our shapes and lines.

Then Claire suggested we try and make our collages grow – they could grow up off the sheet or grow out – bigger than the sheet. Some had already started doing this by folding and spiralling the card to make 3 dimensional lines and shapes. So we experimented with different ways of growing our collages – folding, scrunching, shredding, arching etc. The results were brilliant as everyone found their own individual ways of using the paper and cellophane and gave each other ideas and worked very well together. Here’s our exploding collages!

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