Ballyowen / St. Columbanus – Junior Group – Joe Coveney -Week 2

Week 2 – Drawing to music together.

The schools noted at the beginning that for them it was really important that we kept a consistent format.

We start again with circle time, followed by some free play.  During this time students from the two school were encouraged to make work together from play dough and giant lego bricks.  It introduces the idea of working together and gives them specific time to get to know each other slowly.

Drawing to music provides a really good structure to these classes, and the class seemed to respond really well to it last week. I introduced the session by doing some really quick drawings with grahite and then  we continued with paint.  In the spirit of collaboration worked in groups of 2 on the same page.  Again, following the game format where we let the music provide the structure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was really interesting to see the different interpretations of the exercise – which was really emphasised by having them on the same page.  We ended the workshop with some play time outside, a little chat about the work and a little evaulation – using a simplified version of the week 1 evaluation method.

I’m really enjoying getting to know the group.

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