Ballyowen / St. Columbanus – Junior Group – Joe Coveney – Week 3

Week 3 – Line and form

Time has been a little tight for the last few sessions so we decided to skip ‘Circle Time’ and just give them 10 minutes of free play with the play dough and bricks.  For me, this is a really important part of the class. It encourages interaction and collaboration, and helps form a solid group, instead of a group made up of two distinct classes.

I left out the music this week.  We looked at the different types of lines we had been making, fast, slow, angular and so on and drew five different lines across an a3 page using oil pastel.

We then asked the class to fill in the spaces between the lines with different colours, turning the lines into solids and making a kind of landscape.  I think staying between the lines was a little challenging for some of the participants, but I was delighted with the results. I had plans to develop this using torn and cut paper but we ran out of time.

To conclude we  let them play outside for a little.  They all seem to really enjoy this part, it helps with their concentration and gives them another way of getting to know each other.

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