Ballyowen / St.Columbanus – Junior Group – Joe Coveney- Week 4

Week 4 – Making our own Inks

I mentioned at the beginning that the schools wanted to look at the themes of inclusion and recycling.

This got me thinking – How green are the materials we are using – how are these paints and papers made.  I thought it would be interesting to look at this and decided we would make our own inks today.

We started the session with some free play while I chatted to all the other adults about the processes involved in this.  We set up four stations and used blackberries, blueberries and beetroots mixed with a little vinegar and salt.We sieved the berries into a bowl and mixed in the other ingredients. It was great to be able to get stuck in, the class mashing the berries with their hands and pushing them through the sieve with their fingers.

We returned to drawing to music when we had made the inks, as its really important that they are enjoying themselves and I felt that last week was a little too demanding on some of them.

I was stunned with the results. Beautiful fresh colours in slightly pastel shades.

We changed our evaluation method a little.  Instead of getting them to place stickers beside sentences they agree with, we just chatted to them and tried to link the questions back to the images they had been making. The stickers had become more like a game with the classes seeing how many where in each section, or where their friends placed them.  It  was getting a little removed from the work!

Overall, today was really great fun!

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