Rathmichael – Week 1

Week 1 – Identity

When working with youth groups and schools I really try to adopt a truly collaborative approach – developing the theme together as a group and through making work. To start this project with Rathmichael I wanted to show them some of my own work, to show them where I am coming from and what it means to me to be an artist today.

They are a lovely group to work with, really inquisitive and attentive.  I prepared a small slide show on the white board showing some of the residencies I been on and some exhibitions I’ve had.

To help me get to know them a little we did some drawing work around their identity.  For this I brought in a huge roll of paper and asked them to work in groups, drawing around each other and drawing/writing things that interest them inside the silhouette, and stuff their not into outside.  They responded really well and for the duration of the session they completes a beautiful large scale collaborative drawing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To finish the session we all stood back from the piece and chatted about whether or not it was a usefull way to look at our identities.  We all agreed that it was!

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