Ballyowen Meadows/ St.Columbanus – Senior Group/ Claire Halpin – Week 3

We are planning to make 3D robots and figures from recycled materials in the coming weeks so in preparation for this we started today by doing a quick drawing exercise to develop characters. On long sheets of paper everyone drew a head folded it down and passed it onto to the next person who drew a body and folded it down and passed it on and kept passing it around adding limbs and features. We then passed one more time and opened them to reveal the mixed up figure. Some were very funny looking! Everyone then finished the figure by joining all the parts of the body and adding more features and details. Everyone had to give their character a name, where they live and a super power they possess. From Iceland to Australia, from Ireland to Spain all the characters had a range of wonderful superpowers like flying, big feet for great football kicking, long legs for great dancing, a special hat to feel normal,  and the long necked Giraffetina!

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We then looked at the different parts of the body and how they could be cut out and move using brass fasteners. The group worked in pairs to design their moving creature. Then they cut out the individual parts and made small holes in each part and attached them together using the brass fasteners. Here’s our weird and wonderful figures and creatures. Check out the one on the skateboard with moving wheels! The pairs worked really well together combining their ideas and helping each other to construct them.

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