Ballyowen Meadows/ St.Columbanus – Senior Group/ Claire Halpin – Week 4

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Time to start construction robots! We had decided at the start of this project that we would be using recycled materials as part of our project and we decided on the theme of robots. So this week I brought in a range of recycled materials. We divided the group into groups of three and four as we felt it would be better to work in slightly bigger groups so we could work together on the design and construction. Each group selected some materials to start off with for the body/ legs/ arms etc and set to putting them together. The ideas were brilliant and the possibilities of all the different materials were really inventive and imaginative. With a bit of help in constructing and joining parts together the groups worked really well together and after a very busy and productive session we had some great robots. Some sturdier than others….some ideas borrowed from other groups…one robot even had moving parts, brains inside and made sounds when you move it.

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Next week we hope to develop our robot models further and have moving parts, and maybe make them walk and make sounds as they move and cover them with tissue and foil to make them look more like robots. We finished off the workshop by looking at some images of artists who use recycled materials in their artworks. We looked at the project Wasteland by Brazilian artist Vik Muniz who worked with the rubbish collectors and recyclers in the worlds biggest rubbish dump – Jardim Gramecho near Rio De Janeiro. Here’s a link to his project:

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