Ballyowen Meadows/ St.Columbanus – Senior Group – Week 5 – Claire Halpin



Following on from constructing the recycled robots last week we took the idea where some robots had moving parts and some made noise and added moving elements and sounds to all our robots. We started by looking around the classroom at things that have moving parts and how the parts move – the pedal bin, the wheels on the monitor, the filing cabinet, the door handle, our bodies. Then we looked at how we could add sounds using bottles filled with rice and sand and some parts of musical instruments that we could attach that would make sounds when the robots moved. Sylvester the Robot even had a moving mouth thanks to Darragh and percussion earrings played by Jamie.

We used fabric and paper and tin foil and silver plates to decorate and finish them off. Everyone worked really well together in their groups and the finished robots were fantastic!

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Here’s some comments from the St.Columbanus group:

I like the art workshops because we do all sorts of different things. My favourite was the lines and making the robots. – Tadhg

I liked today because we were working in groups and all participating together. – Chloe

I really enjoyed today because we made new friends and learnt new things in art. – Sorin

I liked today because we got to work together. Working in groups you need patience and cooperation in the group and to listen to everyones ideas. – Grace

In our group Mikey came up with most of the ideas and me and Sorin made them. – Scott

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