Ballyowen Meadows / St Columbanus – Junior Group – Joe Coveney – Week 5

I had great fun with the group last week making our own inks.  As a follow on I wanted to see if we could make our own paper.  I have made my own paper many times in studio, using old newspapers mostly, but have also experimented with vegetables like rhubarb leaves and banana skins!

We started the session as usual with a period of free play for the two schools.  In small groups we ask the all to make something using the play dough and lego bricks, and then have a quick chat about it later.

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The first stage of making our own paper was to rip up old newspaper into loads of small pieces, and then to leave it in a big pot of water to soak until next week.

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This was great fun – afterwards we went out to the yard to play.  I wanted to show some photos this week as  time in the yard is really important for the two groups to form relationships.

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When we returned to the class I asked them to quickly write down 1 thing they liked about the project and why, and to do a really quick drawing of something we could make to do with recycling.

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I felt I may have been pushing my luck a little because of the young age and different skill levels in the group but we got back some really nice comments and thoughts.  We managed to fit a lot into this session!

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