St. Mary’s National School – Week 3

This is what happened this week with DYDC instructor, Carla Fazio:

“This week we jiggled and wriggled to get our bodies ready for dance. We tapped our muscles from head to toe and back up again. A quick reminder of our three special words so far…loco motor (travel), axial (move on the spot) and stillness (freeze). Ms. Fazio claps according to how many syllables are in each word and we listen and respond – e.g. four claps means travel, two claps means stillness. We were ready to go! We continued exploring different ways in which we can move and travel. We played a game where we sat in a circle and we all got a turn to individually move into the circle using different means of travel and different levels. Some of us skipped, hopped or jumped in while others crawled or slid! It was interesting and funny to see what everyone came up with. After this, we broke up into pairs and taught each other our movements to make a sequence. This was lots of fun! We then got to perform our movements for our class.

On Wednesday, we set off on a trip to the zoo (not actually to the zoo but in our imaginations!). We entered the world of the animals using shapes to symbolise some of the animals in the zoo. We explored elephants, giraffes and snakes using our different body parts, different levels, and different means of travel. Soon after, we created some movement symbols in a sequence that represented single digit numbers. Ms. Fazio did it step by step with us and each time we learned a new symbol, we put them altogether. We will be dancing stars in no time! We are going to show Ms. Fazio some shapes and movements to symbolise our favourite animals from the zoo next week – we are really looking forward to seeing what each person will do.”

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