Dalkey Project School 6th Class – Playwriting – Artist – Michelle Read

Session 7

5th March 2013

This session was about hammering out story ideas. The five groups came up with lots of story material last week. So there was much negotiating and each group had to try to combine their ideas or vote for one. This was tough on some of the children who might have preferred to work solo or in a pair.

One group with many fully formed ideas managed to vote for one story, which they felt was the strongest and offered them good dramatic possibilities. Meanwhile other groups used elements from different story ideas to create a new idea.

This approach worked well for most groups, but threw up some challenges regarding cause and effect and how the story made sense. I then had an enjoyable time as a roving dramaturg, going from group to group and asking questions about how things fitted together and making (hopefully) helpful suggestions.

As the groups developed their stories they also had to figure out what would go into each scene and to draw a storyboard version of the play as a visual shorthand. A good, hard-working session.

Next week, we start on the scenes!

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