Ballyowen Meadows/ St.Columbanus – Senior Group Week 6 – Artist: Claire Halpin

We started this week by warming up with clay…. we played with it, felt the texture, the coldness, the wetness. We squeezed it, hammered it, pinched it, pulled it, massaged it, walked our fingers through it, moved it between our hands, rolled it, flattened it. Then we talked about where clay comes from, what the cave men might have used it for and for how long man has been using clay to make things. What did man first make with clay? Pots? Cups? Tools? Cups? Pots for stew?

The oldest clay pot discovered in the world is 20,000 years old and was found in caves in China. The pot was burnt on the base so we know it had been used for cooking over an open fire. So we set about making pots using the pinch pot method of forming the clay from a ball to a pot using our hands and fingers to make the pots bigger and into the form we wanted. Then we added some texture and design to our pots. We learned how using slip and texture we can join different clay parts together.

Kaitlyn and Soirin were our photographers for today…and as our clay pots are no more because we broke them up at the end. Here is the only chance to see the beautiful clay pots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I liked today because we got to make stuff out of clay. I was sad to break up my pot at the end because I had made a good pot!


I liked today because we got to design our own pots. But was sad to to break up my pot because I spent a lot of time making it! Although Claire had said it was a warm up so she kind of said that they were only practice. – Shineka

Today was great. I was devastated when I had to break up my pot. –  Jadzia

It was good because we had not done anything like it before, I think it was better to tell us at the end that we would not be keeping our pots because we might not have put in a much effort if we knew.Kaitlyn

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