Ballyowen Meadows/ St.Columbanus – Senior Group – Week 7 – Artist: Claire Halpin

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We worked with clay again this week and started as with last week with warming up with the clay – we rolled it, we flattened it, we punched it, we hammered it, we squeezed it we pinched it still using just our hands and fingers. Then we passed our clay to the person beside us and had to find what might be a nose in the clay. When we found a nose we added eyes, passed it on and the next person added a mouth. We continued with these heads adding different features and using clay tools to get different textures. Tom was our photographer for today and he photographed these strange clay heads before we rolled them back into a ball. Then we started making our own animals and creatures. These ones we are keeping!

I made an elephant and grass and trees and rocks!Tom

I made a bat with zigzag wings and used cocktail sticks to attach his legs and wings.Luke

I made a person with a hat and big eyes. Sean helped me make it.Dara

I made three animals – a cat, a rabbit, and a pig. It was good. I was going to make a volkswagon beetle but I didn’t have time!Mikey

I made a cat with and I used the clay cement and made X’s to attach the cat’s ears and tail.Jamie

I made a dragon with a long tail, two legs and spikes on his head.Craig

I made a house with three angry birds. I used popsicle sticks to put on the roof. – Ayman

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