St. Mary’s National School – Week 4

Here’s what was done with DYDC instructor Carla Fazio:

After our warm-up today we continued our work on the different animals – tiger, kangaroo and a zebra. We learned and performed our digit dance as a whole group. We then broke into partners with partner A writing a one digit number on partner B’s back and partner B performing the dance for that number. We progressed on to writing two digit numbers. Remaining in our pairs we performed a two digit number together. After a few minutes practice of this we came back as a whole class and each pair performed our numbers that the rest of the class had to figure out.

On Wednesday, we warmed up and broke up into three lines and we did a plant dance. The plant dance began with us representing a little seed that was going to grow. All of our seeds were different shapes and different levels. We used our hands and legs to grow tall into a lovely spring flower. Some of our flowers had fruits on them. Then our petals fell off and we demonstrated this by lying on the floor as we thought the petals might look like. We revised our digit dance from last week and broke up into groups with four people in each. In our groups, we symbolised addition, subtraction and multiplication sentences using our bodies and our digit symbols. Then we performed them for the whole group who again had to guess what the sentence and answer was. We finished off with our flower game.

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