little artists with big ideas

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The Senior Infants in Rathfarnham Educate Together can barely contain their excitement each time I tell them that Helen Barry, the artist in residence working with our class, is coming to work with them. From her first visit, Helen sparked their imaginations and encouraged them to discuss their ideas. The children created a beautiful teepee of wool strings. Each string of wool was adorned with feathers, sparkling paper, pipe cleaners and a range of other materials provided by Helen. At the end of the busy morning, they were delighted to have a picnic underneath their creation.

The next session was a full day of art. The children had already discussed their plans for the “Art Day”, deciding that they would design and build a cardboard city. From a teacher’s point of view, it was fantastic to watch the children collaborate with the artist and each other. They worked individually, in pairs and in groups. Every child was completely engaged and engrossed in what they were doing. They shared ideas and materials and there wasn’t one argument throughout the whole day! The children even voted to stay in the classroom working on their different buildings during yard time, which is a very unusual choice for a group of five and six year olds!

During the most recent session the children finished building their city. They made cars, boats and bridges and populated it with little figures of themselves. They are so proud of their work and excited for Helen’s next visit on Friday.

Here are some of the artists’ thoughts about their work:

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