Ballyowen Meadows/ St.Columbanus – Senior Group – Week 9 – Artist: Claire Halpin

We started this week with a recap of last weeks session – Maire Davey from DLR Arts Office had come to visit so it was a good opportunity to fill her in on what we have been up to in exploring ways of communicating and sending messages between the two schools. The groups had not seen each other since we sent our messages via flag, balloon and bubbles last week. We reckoned that the messages had to be up high in the sky as the flags and balloons worked best.  So we went with Chloe’s suggestion of making kites. We had a quick look at the two schools on Google Earth and pointed out where our best vantage point was in each school. I pointed out the stream that runs alongside both schools and we decided that boats, bottles or something floating that could carry a message would be good to make and try out over the next couple of weeks.

Back to this week – we started by designing our kites and how they would have to be bright, colourful and with a clear design so they can be seen from afar. A design that could be identifiable. We spent the rest of the session constructing the kites using garden canes, tape, string, jump rings for the framework and then clear polythene to cover it. The groups worked really well together helping each other our and holding parts to be attached etc. Here’s the initial designs that we will apply to our kites next week.

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