St. Mary’s National School Week 6 Dance

Here’s what happened with DYDC instructor, Carla Fazio:

This week we moved onto a new unit based around modes of transport and travel. After we got our bodies ready for dance through our warm up in three lines, we came up with various ways to travel on foot and by motor. We also discussed the various speeds, shapes, sizes, sounds, colours and heights of these modes of transport. To begin with we each chose our own mode of transport to represent using various symbols. We moved around the hall representing our chosen mode. The class then broke into two groups – group A sat down and watched group B representing their modes of transport. Those of us in group A had to choose one person from group B to watch and guess what mode of transport they were. We then swapped over.

At the next session with Ms. Fazio we brainstormed all types of transport we could think of and represented some of these with various body movements. We then broke into groups of three/four and drew our own mode of transport – some had propellers, others had wheels, others had wings and others had handles. Each model was very different. Each group worked as a team and practiced representing their model through different symbols. We then got a chance to perform this with our group for the class and tell them a little about our model. This was great fun! Looking forward to after the Easter break!

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