Session Six and Seven in RETNS

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As Helen mentioned in her last post, our most recent session was interpreted quite differently by the adults and the children. I felt that the children needed a lot more adult intervention to ensure they listened to each other. As I watched them build the two large dome structures, I saw that many of them were doing their own thing and didn’t seem to be working together with a common goal. However, once we sat down to discuss our work during the plenary session, the children spoke about the fun they had making their dens. They discussed their ideas, made links to their previous work and this led onto their plans for the next ‘Art Day’.
Every child’s ideas and thoughts are listened to and included in the planning of their work. They feel total ownership of this project. We returned to school today after two weeks holidays and the first thing the children wanted to know was whether or not we would be doing a full day of Art on Friday. Abbie arrived at the classroom door with a cardboard box ‘for Friday!’ Their enthusiasm has not waned in the slightest. Roll on Friday….

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