Dalkey Project School 6th Class – Playwriting – Artist – Michelle Read

Session 10

9th April 2013

A very exciting session today – the read-through of all the finished scripts!

As we were just back after Easter break there was some last minute rushing about to find and collate all the scenes in each script for photocopying – Weronika had lost her scene, but rewrote it from memory during the break which was pretty impressive. All the children then had a copy of their script for the session.

At the start we pushed back the desks and put all the chairs into a big circle and then each group had fifteen minutes to read through their script together. They had to check whether everything in the script was clear and then decide who would play each character and who would read the stage directions in each scene, so the reading would be as smooth as possible and give the best impression of the play.

Then we gave some space and respect to the moment and started the read-throughs. Three of the plays read very smoothly and have a clear story arc and distinct characters. Two of the plays were much more chaotic, and need some work to clarify story and character, but they all got read and as a group we got a sense of the work and ideas that each group had put in. Some groups can now see for themselves, I think, that they have a bit more work to do. I gave feedback after each reading, which the children could take on if they wanted. We didn’t have a lot of time for everyone to give feedback, but I suggested that the children could approach each other with any positive and helpful suggestions they might have.

Quite early on it became clear that it was important for the children to be able to perform the plays they were making, so this is now a part of the end of the process. The class is away on a school trip next week, so they now have two weeks to tweak their scripts, learn their lines and collect props and costume. In the next session we rehearse the plays and in the final session we perform the plays to another class!

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