Ballyowen Meadows/ St.Columbanus – Senior Group – Setting Sail – Artist:Claire Halpin


It was time to set sail the Ballyowen-Columbanus flotilla! We started in Ballyowen finishing the construction of our boats and then took them down to the river to launch them. There was great excitement amongst the whole group! We selected a launching point – about halfway down the river between the two schools and off they went! We had a few problems with boats getting stuck at every bend in the river and every protruding branch and bump. Sean and Kim were at the ready with a long stick and a sweeping brush to move the boats along. The sails did not last very long and we realised that we probably should have put some sand in the bottom of the bottles to give them some weight. ( We will know better for next time…).  The grousp from both schools followed the boats down the river until St.Columbanus – our destination – appeared on the horizon. One group ran on ahead to the bridge so they would be able to retrieve the boats and dock them on dry land. Everyone worked really well together and for me it was a really lovely end to a really enjoyable project!

Big thanks to Alison, Sean, Kim, Barbara and Anne for all their help and enthusiasm over the last few weeks. Unfortunately we did not have time to fly our kites today but the groups are going to meet next Wednesday and fly their kites in their schools. So hopefully we’ll get some photos and we can post them on the blog next week.

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