St. Mary’s National School Week 8

Here is what DYDC instructor Carla Fazio did with the students:

This week was quite exciting. We learned about the different clouds you see in the sky: Stratus, Cumulus, and Cirrus. We learned that Stratus clouds are found on a low level, Cumulus clouds can be found on a middle level, and Cirrus clouds can be found on a high level.

We started on Monday by going outside to observe the clouds we saw in the sky. We can back into the room and described what we saw: puffy, mushy, white, big, round, fluffy. Some of us saw shapes such as motorcycles, dogs, and monkeys. Then we gathered in a circle and changed shapes as clouds would. Moving in a smooth, slow way, we moved from a low level to a high level and back to a low level changing body shapes.

On Wednesday after having a discussion about the water cycle, we made dances based on cloud formation.  We had to start in one place as water and we “evaporated” as we were heated by the sun. We traveled to another spot as we were “evaporating” and formed a cloud. As we formed our cloud, we had to connect together and travel as rain back down to the earth to form water. Ms. Fazio assigned us different clouds to form. And we had to share out our dances at the end.


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