St. Mary’s National School Week 9

Here’s is what DYDC instructor Carla Fazio did this week:

We had only one lesson this week, but we did a lot in that lesson! We started off with our warm-up and then we played our travel freeze game. Today we got to practice our different ways people transport themselves, like we did a few weeks back. We explored ways of transport from the air, to the sea, and on the ground.  Some of us were airplanes, car, motor bikes, or rode horses.

Next, we sat and discussed what fog is. We talked about how when fog is thick and really dense, it’s hard to see and if you are traveling, you have to go slow. We them split into 2 groups (one group was a fog cloud and the other were people traveling) and the travelers had to move through the changing fog cloud. We switched groups. We ended our lesson with our flower.


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