Words, Words, Words Fill Our Space, Session 11 in Rathfarnham

It was clearly evident during the previous session that the written word had become a hugely important part of the lives of the children in the classroom. As an artist it is inevitable that whatever concerns us or stimulates us will manifest itself somewhere in our work. Using the children’s new writing skills we set about discussing what words did they use everyday in the classroom and what were their favorite words. Carol facilitated how best to enable the children to create their words by introducing ‘Our Word Bank’. Initially written in pencil into copybooks we took our chosen word and painted it in large letters throughout our pavilion.

Still focused on words we returned to the classroom. Our pavilion is quite large and now lives in the school hall. The children wrote information about themselves on Each child was given a large coloured triangular flag to write something about themselves, both carol the teacher and Mary the classroom assistant were also invited to write on a coloureful triangle. When complete we shall join the flags together and create bunting to add to the pavilion.

At the end of the session we discussed what we would do for our final session. We will divide the session into two. The first part we will complete the pavilion and the second part the children would like to rebuild the cardboard city they created in the first few sessions next to the pavilion linking the two pieces together with bridges. If we have time the children would like to invite the other classes to come and look at their pieces of work. And finally they want to talk about their experience on their journey through art.

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