Dalkey Project School Playwriting – Artist – Michelle Read

Thursday 23rd May 2013

Two weeks ago all the plays created by the five groups in 6th class were performed to 4th class in the hall. Unfortunately I was unexpectedly in hospital and couldn’t be there, which was a huge disappointment, but here are the children’s comments about performing their new plays to 4th class.

Oisin – “I was pleased because 4th class gave very good constructive  comments and were a very good audience to have. It was very fun to perform, I thought it was going to go bad, but in the end it was very good.”

Dan – “It was tough, but the 4th class were an easy audience. I liked the whole production and performing. I was with half the people I’d normally be with and half I wouldn’t, which was good.”

Julia ” I thought it was pretty good. It started bad and got worse – lots of ups and downs writing the  script, but then it got good.”

Sam – “I thought at the start it was a bit hard, combining all our ideas, but in the end we were very pleased with ourselves and what we created.”

Molly – “I thought it was fun. It was hard at the start.”

Daniel – “I thought the whole experience was great.”

Toby – “It was hard work to write our scripts, but at the same time it was enjoyable… I learnt a lot from working in groups. The end product was brilliant.”

Alannah – ” We kind of argued a lot but it worked out when we performed it. We didn’t think it would go that smoothly.”

Kate – “I thought it was really fun and different but in a good way. All the plays were really unique in their own way.”

Miss D’Arcy  – “I feel that the skills they have acquired during this process will help them a lot in their transition to secondary school. With regard to what was said earlier about being thrown together in mixed groups, because they won’t always be with their friends.’

                      Dalkey Project 6th Class

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