St Mary’s National School Week 10: Weather Dances!

Here is what DYDC instructor, Carla Fazio did with the students this week:

We were so excited for this week. We spent both Monday and Wednesday of our lessons discussing different types of precipitation (rain, snow, hailstones) and what shape, size, force they move at, speed they move at, etc. We took this whole discussion and turned it into our own dances.

Ms. Fazio let us choose a type of storm to create. Some of us were light summer rain storms, or blizzards, or thunderstorms, or heavy rain, or passing sun showers. We had to work together to build movement that represented our storm.

We also created the sound of a rain storm with our bodies. We stood in a circle and followed Ms. Fazio’s actions. It really sounded like rain! The best part was on Monday when we started, it actually started raining outside.



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