St. Mary’s National School Weeks 11 and 12


Here is what DYDC instructor Carla Fazio did with the students:

Ms. Fazio introduced us to our final project together, MAPS! We were very excited to create dances based on maps we created.

We started off by learning about the different pathways you can travel on: straight, curvy, zig-zag, and spiral. We used the letters of the alphabet as inspiration to draw these pathways in space. We then played a follow the leader game where the line leaders were given a type of pathway to travel on and a way to travel along it. It was a lot of fun because we didn’t know who was going to get what combination. Some of us had to lead skipping on a zip-zag pathway, while others had to slide along a curvy pathway.

Ms. Fazio then taught us how to make a movement map. See the pictures above to see that maps we created. We spent the last 2 classes drawing our maps and creating the dances for our maps. We got to work with 2-4 other students. Ms. Fazio even let us pick our groups this time!

We shared our dances during our last class. Ms. Fazio chose different songs for each our dances. At the end of class, we all did our flower game at the same time and then we gave Ms. Fazio some real flowers and a very large thank you card to take with her. We said our good-byes.

Inside the card we wrote:

“Thank you for all of the fun dance classes over the last 5 months! We really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot! We hope that you enjoyed it too! From All your students in St. Mary’s N. S.”


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