St. Mary’s National School

I really enjoyed my experience working with the students at St. Mary’s National School. The students were all amazing to work with. They brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the each class. I enjoyed their creative thinking and problem solving. Truly it was a great group of kids.

As I reflect upon the past 5 months working with these students, I have to say I learned a lot from them. I was reminded how to craft a thoughtful and engaging lesson that moved seamlessly through each activity transition. I discovered all their very strong personalities. Some of their responses to the activities surprised me. Activities I thought would be successful sometimes struggled and vice versa. I came to learn they really loved playing games with rules, they loved talking about the ways things moved, they loved transportation and they really enjoyed building maps. Transportation and maps stick out to me most because they were all engaged 100% of the time during these particular units.

I also discovered the more learning modalities I brought into my lessons, the better the lesson would flow. I started using a lot of visuals (pictures, drawings, etc.) in my lessons as well as discussions and questions. I think the transportation and map units were successful because the students had to draw out their ideas before they built their dances. This added artistic component seemed to ground most of them into their dance making. These are tools I will keep and expand on  in my teaching toolbox.

Overall, it was a marvelous time. I will miss them but I am looking forward to continuing to share dance, dance making and movement with other children who may not normally have a dance experience.

~Carla Fazio

DYDC Instructor


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