Creative Practitioners/ Teachers Workshop, Blackrock Education Centre

Practical Workshop and Information Centre for the Creative Pracitioners/ Teachers Panel 2013-2014

This workshop was facilitated by Maire Davey and artists Liz McMahon and Claire Halpin.

We started the workshop with general introductions and information about the DLR Primary Arts Programme and looking at this blog which documents the programme and its uses in the classroom.  Claire and Liz then introduced a mark making workshop – starting with a range of drawing tools the participants responded to a range of words and explored different mark making processes with the different materials, rotating and overlaying the marks. They then reversed their paper and using templates of open cubes transferred the template using carbon paper onto the back of their drawings – like random viewfinders. Each person then cut out and assembled their cubes – bringing the drawings from 2D into 3D. They then worked back into the inside and outside of their drawings making aesthetic decisions around the open and closed structures. At the end we set up a backdrop and photographed the assemblages bringing them back to 2d or the virtual here on this blog.

The informal structure of the workshop allowed for good chats and exchange of ideas and information on resources and also around how these cubes could be used as mini theatre sets, different parts of a body to create characters or using words on the faces of the cube for creative writing.

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