Mount Anville Primary – Session 3 – Artist: Michelle Read

Session 3 – Wednesday 5th February 2014

This week the class dived right into the drama work without a bother! The girls remembered “Our Circle” straight away and I think everyone had more sense of what to expect and so were less nervous.

After a warm-up, we focused on character traits and emotions – trying to show how a character might be sad, happy, confident, polite, cranky and many more, both in our voices and in our bodies. Last week portraying sadness was really tough as it was hard to be serious, but this week everyone was totally committed and suddenly the sense of sadness in the room was really convincing.

We took this exploration back into our script work and talked more about what traits the girls’ characters, Ruth and Yvette, might have, as well as what traits they might need to help them with their story. Our 85 year-old Yvette definitely seemed to be adventurous. One group decided she was also a little crazy, which seemed to fit with her plan to steal a plane and fly to Alaska!

Session 3 1 Redrafting Scenes Session 3 2 Redrafting Scene Session 3 3 Redrafting SceneWorking in groups the class discuss Ruth and Yvette’s traits and write a second draft of their scene.

We discussed how the character’s traits would affect the rewriting of the scene and the girls started work on their second drafts with this in mind. Myself and Miss Lawlor went from group to group during this process. We offered dramaturgical advice on how to extend the scene so that the audience would find out more about both characters.

In both stories, Yvette, as the activator of the story, tended to be more clear as a character. So, often the advice was to spend a bit more time on Ruth and give her some more lines.

At the start of the session I had reminded everyone that working in a group can be difficult in terms of sharing ideas and making compromises, but that it was important to involve everyone and everyone’s thoughts to create a true collaboration. The girls seemed to take this on board and the work today was really focused. The scenes are now nearly finished and next week we’ll look at how they work dramatically including sound effects.

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