Mount Anville Primary – Session 4 – Artist: Michelle Read

Session 4 – Wednesday 10th February 2014

This week’s session was quite exciting and a bit chaotic! I wanted to finish the radio scenes the girls had been working on and record them before the end of the workshop and before we broke up for half term. So, it was all steam ahead.

After our drama warm up, the girls split into their groups and got on with a series of tasks. Some needed to finish their scenes, then everyone had to write out a “clean” copy. Next each group needed to decide who would do what – play the characters, operate the i-pod (with the recorded sound effects) and do the foley*. Finally the groups needed to rehearse  including a speedy run-through at the Effects Table. It was great to see the girls finding space for themselves inside and outside the classroom to work on their scenes.

Once each group had a sense of how to integrate their sound effects into their scene, everyone gathered  around for the performances. It was really great to finally hear what each group had written and to watch the girls give such total focus to their performances.

*The foley person is someone in film or radio, who makes live sounds to fit the film soundtrack or the radio scene. Watch Emmy award winning foley artist Caoimhe Doyle giving a demonstration of how she makes different sounds for Newstalk (car tyres screeching – a hot water bottle, bones breaking – celery!) –

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