Mount Anville Primary School : Rang 6 : Teacher Clare Lawlor


Some group drafting.

Third Session

The focus of this session was the closer examination of character traits and characteristics.

The class really entered into the spirit of the warm up.


Before getting down to the business of the second draft it was important to brainstorm character traits and qualities and to apply these to the chosen characters in the scene involving a mix of negative and positive characteristics.

A rewrite then followed with the aim of allowing the characters reveal themselves through their lines. This was a real challenge.

Fourth Session

DSCN3615   Getting ready for a warm up.

This was a busy session. The warm up here was followed by the ‘publishing’ of the scene as redrafted complete with its sound effects.

The scene was then rehearsed among the individual groups.

DSCN3656   Always a treat to get out onto the corridor!

Each group then recorded their scene adding in their own sound effects, some that Michelle had recorded and others Michelle improvised on depending on the scene’s needs.


In just four sessions each member of the class has been directly involved in the process of bringing a scene from its creation to a finished recording i.e.  all have participated in the thinking, discussing,  brainstorming, drafting, character considerations, sound effects or foleys, redrafting, publishing, rehearsing and recording with sounds.

This was a huge achievement for everybody.

We are all really looking forward to the next stage.

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