Dominican Convent – Beginnings

Here’s what happened during week 1 with DYDC instructor, Carla Fazio:
Dance classes started at Dominican Convent School this week. I am really excited about working with the kids. They are all full of energy and ready to move!
This week we explored 2 dance elements to get us dancing: body and space. We played different games trying out ways to travel through space (walk, crawl, slither, hop, run, skip, gallop) and different axial movements or movements that don’t travel (bend, twist, reach, spin, jump). We also practiced keeping our space bubbles or our personal space as we explored and danced through general space.
I introduced the magic skipping dance with the students. They really really loved it. They sit in a circle and pass the magic scarf from one person to another to join into the dance. By the end, everyone is up and skipping together.
I focused this week on establishing a class structure (warm up, exploration, and development of lesson theme).

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