Dominican Convent – Butterflies!

Here’s what happened during week 2 with DYDC instructor, Carla Fazio:

This week, we studied the life cycle of a butterfly and turned this life cycle into a dance.

After our warmup that included exploring levels in space, bending and reaching and making round shapes with our body parts, we discussed the butterfly life cycle using this graphic:


Next, as a whole class, we created movements for each stage of the cycle starting with eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. Each stage started in a still body shape. Next we moved as the insect would in that stage, and we ended the stage in a transformed still shape. Each movement and shape represented what we saw in the butterfly life cycle.

Once we memorised our movements, we broke into smaller groups to practice the movements in smaller groups and make any revisions to our dance. Once complete, we shared out our newly revised dances with other classmates.

We concluded our week, by dancing the butterfly dance one last time all together.

We also started a new conclusion to each class. We gather together at the end of class in a circle, and pass the “flower” on. We work together to calm our bodies by focusing on others’ “passing the flower” or when it gets to us, opening our flower fingers and passing it on.

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