Mount Anville Primary School: Rang 6: Teacher Clare Lawlor

I was delighted to hear that our application for inclusion on the DLRCC Creative Practitioner in Schools Programme was successful. I was intrigued to learn that our creative practitioner would be playwright, Michelle Read.

We arranged to meet and Michelle explained that her area of expertise was Writing for Performance. We chatted about different ideas and possibilities and settled on an outline plan. There would be sixteen one and a half hour sessions.

Rang 6 were curious and enthusiastic about the project and happy to welcome Michelle to the class.

First Session

Michelle’s introduction of herself and her work in the first session was really interesting.  It was fascinating to hear Michelle talk about her writing and also about the way in which it is performed on stage. Michelle suggested all sorts of alternative means of portrayal to the girls including novel seating arrangements of the audience, projection of images on the walls and the presentation of theatre in real space.

A discussion was prompted comparing theatre, books and film as enjoyed by audience, reader and viewer and the need for illusion and the willingness to suspend belief was noted.

Second Session

In this session, the class learned all about sound effects or foleys.  Their task was to review their draft scene from the first session with a focus on the sound effects and stage directions that would be necessary to compliment it as a radio piece.

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