Rathmichael N.S 4th Class Session 1

It was really exciting to meet and start sessions with Miss Armstrong’s 4th Class. We began our time together with a word warm up.  4th class had to blitz words beginning with the same letter and put them into sentences which were silly and serious. We discovered that this was called alliteration and they made up some terrific tongue twisters.

 I talked a bit about the work I do as a writer and a teacher and we then did some reading and discussing of a poem called ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. The poem is full of wonderful things and the box is made of fantastical materials including the toe joints of dinosaurs and with stars on the lid. Each group picked out favourite lines and talked about them. We looked at how the poet used alliteration, tickled the senses and used opposites in the poem.

 After lots of discussion and taking some quiet time, with eyes closed, to imagine, everyone in Fourth class began to write their own Magic Box poem. What a collection of wonders we heard when everyone read theirs out.

 Magic Box.Here is a draft of a Magic Box poem.

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