Rathmichael N.S. Session 3 with writer Nell Regan

Great to be back after mid term, we are all feeling refreshed!

Today we began by choosing postcards, looking carefully and talking about the characters in them. We imagined what they might be thinking and saying to each other. We then put speech bubbles on them. All sorts of interesting stories and discussions came out of this. Then we looked at a variety of objects I had brought in – everything from an orange to a dolls woollen cardigan, from a carton of salt to a sparkly necklace and chopsticks. When everyone had had a good look at each object, we had a raffle. The person who drew number 1 got to pick their favourite object first and then number 2 and so on.


Now that everyone in 4th class has an object, it’s time to listen carefully to each one and find out where they have come from and what their story is. We thought that the salt might have come from the sea in Dublin and the chopsticks had once been part of a tree in China. We talked about where glass comes from, where plastic comes from and how the object would tell its story. We wondered how they felt about their adventures and the changes that had happened to them before they ended up here, in Miss Armstrong’s classroom in Shankill.  Everyone started by storyboarding the Life Story of their object before writing it down. There was a hush in 4th class as everyone set to writing.

 Really looking forward to going back into 4th Class tomorrow, as we finish the stories and read them to each other. Here is the story board for The Life Story of a Small Garlic.

 Life Story of Garlic

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