Rathmichael NS 4th Class Session 2 with Writer Nell Regan

Great to get to come in to the class for the second time. We began this session with a word warm up and brainstorming onomatopoeic words. (The word was actually up on the board with no explanation but it didn’t take long for the bright sparks in 4th class to work out that it meant words that sound as they mean.) As the weather was really (really) bad, we came up with loads of great words to describe watery sounds.

 We looked at a poem which uses onomatopoeic words to great effect – The Sound Collector by Roger Mc Gough. It’s about a stranger who comes and takes away all of the sounds in the house so only silence is left. We had great fun reading it and making all the sounds, like the popping of the toaster, the whistling of the kettle the purring of the kitten and the ticking of the clock.

After talking about favourite lines, everyone decided where they would like to be a sound collector – some went to the zoo, some to space, some stayed in the classroom and others even went to the jungle. We brainstormed sounds…

. Image

and wrote our poems…..Here is a Sound Collector in Space poem.

It was very exciting to hear all the different poems being read out. Some of the Magic Box poems and Sound Collector poems we have written are going to be included in the forthcoming Rathmicheal N.S. We Are Writers Anthology.

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