Rathfarnham Educate Together National School-Week 1&2-5th class

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We were delighted to welcome our creative practitioner, Tunde Toth, to RETNS last week. In our first session we explored the very broad theme of water which opened doors into the oceans deep and navigating the high seas. From element to fundamental requirement for life, we explored the many facets of water. The children were given the task of researching a particular aspect of water for homework and this began our discussion at the start of session two today. After careful explanation and demonstration by Tunde, the children then set about mixing colours, rolling inks, and experimenting with different lines and shapes to create mono-prints. Initially some found it difficult to gauge how much ink to use and discovered that their pictures were less effective when the ink was too think. I think the children really enjoyed the freedom of the lesson today and I could see them incorporate many aspects of their discussions on water into their prints. Every child created several prints and they now have the tricky job of deciding on their favourite one for the next session. I look forward to their responses. Patricia

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