Rathmichael NS 4th Class – 4th Session with Writer in Residence Nell Regan

To warm up for our 4th Session we worked on ‘massaging our imaginations’ by coming up with favourite words, scary words, weapon words, magic words, adult words, words that are hard to understand, words to make you sleep and many more. 4th Class came up with some evocative, unusual and thought provoking words (‘everlasting’ was one word one student found hardest to understand while the least favourite of another was clock as she ‘hates time’ and we had some great discussions about magic and funny words.


Talking about favourite words, scary words, magic words, words to make you zzz, weapon words and more …


 Working hard on massaging our imaginations…

The sun was out today so after some prep in the classroom (which included making our own notebooks) we started off for a walk in the school grounds – this wasn’t just any walk though, it was a multi sensory walk. We were working to collect sounds, smells and textures. Children worked in pairs with one child keeping their eyes closed and the other guiding them ( we learnt a method for doing this ) The guider brought their partner to different places and got them to touch and describe different objects and textures – harder than it looks but great fun and really interesting what came out of it! The guider wrote down the words and then they swapped over.

“I think it is … it feels like…”



Feels bumpy, cold….metaly?

We then moved to the school garden to collect sounds and spring smells. We worked to find the words for the exact sound of the wind in the trees, of the rubbish truck on the road and the sound of children chattingImage

 and most tricky – words to describe the smell of spring…


When we came back to the classroom we discussed our words and mounted them under different headings. Myself and class teacher Miss Armstrong have been struck by how much work all the children are putting in and how exciting their writing is.


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