Session 4 Dancing with Light

I began this session by showing on the laptop a film I had put together of the previous week’s work when we “Painted with Light”. I wanted to return to the idea of their creating places to see could we develop that, so we talked first about places they like and then I shared with them images of places from two books: The House Book (places created by humans for humans) and The Earth From The Air For Children (more natural places, but which were quite abstract at times, like puzzles to be ‘read’). I had also brought a slide projector and some slides of places for their shadows to “inhabit” but unfortunately the room was too bright for this to work. We then talked about creating places for their shadows to visit. They then worked on sheets of coloured cel with the markers and using cellotape and the same variety of textural and coloured found  objects from the previous week to collage into this. I switched on the projectors as they worked and they soon began to test and work straight on them as well. As soon as the projectors were in use the excitement in the room built again.



Some of the children wanted to return to what they had done the previous week and pile things straight onto them, so it was good we had the two projectors so that we could let someone very absorbed in this continue with it.

.IMGA0564 IMGA0543IMGA0519IMGA0563

As they completed their collages they began to interact with them with their shadows, again taking a lot of pleasure in this and in playing together. To encourage this I put on some music and they danced and moved in response to this. At one stage the girls danced their hair, enjoying the shadows, at another we had a hand dance. The children also used some of the objects to create shadows and layered each other’s drawings and objects on the projector so they were constantly interacting with it and reacting to what was going on. I only regret I did not manage to film some of it, it is very difficult to both facilitate and document, but Niamh did get some lovely shots. IMGA0589 IMGA0536IMGA0585IMGA0587

IMGA0530 IMGA0528

In discussion with Niamh afterwards we decided to move on from creating scenes for the following week and to begin to look at characters.

IMGA0587 IMGA0522

Materials, equipment and resources:

Two Overhead Projectors



More places images to inspire

more twigs etc

sheets, black out, materials etc still there



as last week

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