Rathfarnham Educate Together National School-Session 5-5th class

We started the session today by discussing

‘What makes a good print?’


It was quite a difficult question to pose the children and they came up with many impressive responses and viewpoints.

We then re-visited the mono-printing process and the children experimented with layering prints and colours on top of each other.

It is very interesting to watch the children improve at each stage of the process and watch how they are guided by past experiences.

Each child is learning how to make their prints more effective and are discovering that simplicity is often the key to success.
To finish the session, the children were asked to think of the colours that come to mind when they think of the sea.Using oil pastels, the children had to represent the sea through colour. Some found this abstract idea challenging but we were all pleasantly pleased with the final results.


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One thought on “Rathfarnham Educate Together National School-Session 5-5th class

  1. I thought it was a fun-filled experience for the whole class. It was interesting to find out what colours go whit what when we could only use the primary colours and turquoise,

    Joey McCann, 5th class

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