Dominican Convent – Developing our Skipping Dance

DYDC Instructor Carla Fazio writes:

We have been busy the past week creating, exploring new ideas and developing some old favourites!

We began to cooperatively make a group circle without our floor spots this week. We explored this in various ways. We started by creating a circle by holding hands. We now are working on creating a group circle by placing the back of our hands together. This has helped us to find our own personal space bubble without having to invade someone else’s.

We have “jazzed” up our skipping dance by adding in body shapes both symmetrical and asymmetrical. We talked about the difference between symmetrical (same halves) and asymmetrical (different halves) shapes. And then we decided to move this concept into our bodies. On cue, we switched randomly between the different types of shapes skipping along and listening for instruction on whether we find stillness in a symmetrical or asymmetrical shape. It helped to focus us and stay in control of our bodies while skipping. To help us learn to cooperate, we also have been working hard at practicing handing the magic scarf to the next person. Next week, I think I am going to have them create a GRAND gesture when handing off the scarf.

Lastly, we reviewed our Over, Under, Around, and Through dance a few more times. We video-ed it once last time so we would remember it.

I’m looking forward to the next few water themes lessons.



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