Dominican Convent – What do we see at the bottom of the sea?

DYDC Instructor Carla Fazio writes:

I have been toying with the idea of connecting a few lessons to the first theme of the new Cultural Library in Dun Laoghaire. As I walk to the school 2 times a week, I overlook the harbour each time. It’s a place full of dance inspiration and the ever changing sounds, sights and movements I see each time has piqued my interest.

To start us off, I decided to make up a sea creatures dance. It starts off by me singing “What do we see at the bottom of the sea?” Then someone tells the class what they see. That person has a choice to create a movement for the class to copy or to ask someone else for help on creating a movement. We have been all sorts of creatures: sharks, a blue ringed octopus, sea urchins, dolphins, whales, seaweed, a ship wreck, a submarine, and a jellyfish. We really enjoy this activity because we have to think about what we see and then how that creature or object moves. We also try out different ways it could move or how parts of it move.

We ended classes this week with mimicking the sound of a rain storm. This will take a little more practice, but I have every confidence that we’ll master this cooperating activity!

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