Session 7 Little plays and big dances and tours of the lands we have made

IMGA0675 IMGA0676 IMGA0677 IMGA0679

This week we moved into the hall, as it is a much darker, larger space, helpful for our final session focusing on performing / playing with what we had made to date. With the first group the children took it in turns to come up to the screen and interact with my shadow puppet – I used questions “What is your name? where do you live?” etc. or reacted to whatever they were doing, with which we had lots of fun. Gradually though the children become more independent, interacting and playing together, so that I was able to step back. While we started each with one, soon they were sometimes wearing the mask head pieces, sometimes using the puppets, sometimes both, and there was a lot of trying out each other’s and my puppets. After awhile we added music, and this inspired some dancing and moving in response. We took some film footage which I hope to have time to edit soon.


With the second group we did a hands, shoulders and arms warm up first which they really enjoyed, and they interacted with some of the set pieces as well. There were some lovely exchanges  and the children were delighted to bring their puppets, masks and set pieces home afterwards. The hall had the added advantage of allowing other groups outside to peer in the windows from other parts of the building without our noticing, so afterwards as I packed away I was visited by some of the next group who were curious about what had been going on, and this was a useful introduction to their next session next week..

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