Mount Anville Primary – Session 10 – Artist: Michelle Read

Session 10 – Wednesday 9th April 2014

Between sessions I edited together the two scenes recorded so far. This was done with a free-share editing software called Audacity downloaded from the internet.

I edited the Sc 1s to the Sc 2s “blind” picking elements that gelled.  This approach further developed the idea of the collaborative, group-created nature of the project and gave us some versions from different groups and two from the same groups.

We all listened back to each version and gave our critical feedback. We talked about what we liked first and what we thought was working and the girls were very enthusiastic and generous. The group liked it when the sound effects were clear and when the characters also mentioned what they were doing. They felt this helped to form a picture in the listener’s mind of what was happening. The group also noted some good lines of dialogue that stood out as well as the different choices each group had made with the same story outline. There was also lots of comedy in the scenes, which the group really liked.

We then talked about the things that we didn’t understand in the scenes or that we didn’t think worked so well. The group were very articulate and balanced about pointing out some of the problems. There were times in each scene when the listener might not know what was happening. The group suggested this was sometimes to do with an unclear sound effect or that there needed to be an additional line of dialogue to explain things. The group also noticed that some of the “beats of action” in a scene might be missing so that the characters might jump from doing one thing to another.

This was a great discussion and I was really impressed by the group’s level of insight into the work they had made. The aim is to now take this experience into creating the next series of scenes on Yvette and Ruth’s adventure.

Each group now has a different scene to create, starting with a sound-scape, that will tell the story of Yvette and Ruth’s epic journey to Alaska. The girls brainstormed all the sounds that might be found in each location – a beach, a volcanic island, a cave, a jungle, in Alaska and up in the plane, and planned what extra items they would need to bring in for the next session.

It’s really wonderful to see the group gain experience and improve at making the scenes. The girls also have a great focus when working together collaboratively.

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