Rathmichael NS 4th Class with Writer in Residence Nell Regan

First visit back after the Easter holidays!

To kick off today we talked about free writing and wrote for 5 minutes about our Easter holidays – in fact the class were so engrossed in it they wrote for 6 and a half without stopping!  We talked about how this felt and whether it helped to just have to keep writing (even nonsense!) if we ran out of ideas. Here is what some of 4th class made of it;

‘I enjoyed it cos you just keep writing and ideas come into your head ….”
“Sometimes you know what you’re going to write about cos you’re the one who did it”

It wasn’t strictly free writing as I prompted the class with a subject but it’s a good way to try it out. The idea is to write without worrying about what you’re going to write about and not stop making words even if they are random. it’s a good way to begin to develop your own writing style as an adult or a child.

Then we began to story board our Easter Holidays. Everyone made a very simple accordion book in which to write and used  the sentences written in free writing as the basis for their book, which they also then illustrated. Here are some of the great results.

After free writing everyone started to make their accordian books; Image

Here are some examples of the finished pieces;



And finally, proudly displaying books!




In the second part of our session, we wondered about the questions we would ask an animal if we could – we also read William Blake’s ‘Tyger, Tyger’ in which he asks many interesting ( and sometimes difficult) questions of the tiger.

Here are just some of the great questions 4 th class would ask of animals:

  • Croc why do you twist and turn when you kill your prey ?
  • Monkey, what makes you good at climbing trees ?
  • Pig, why are you so pink ?
  • Doggie, why do you never run out of energy ?
  • Jaguar, why do you have such big spots?
  • Racehorse, how do you run run so fast and jump so high?
  • Why are you so white polar bear?
  • Giraffe why is your neck so long?
  • Whale, whale how do hold your breath so long ?
  • Cow what makes you so milky?
  • Cat why do you always land in your feet?
  • Penguin why can’t you fly ?

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