Session 10 Larger than life

We began by showing on the Laptop images of the body shadows they made first week.
I then reminded them about my giant mask from the introductory session, how it changed their shadow image. I showed them its shadow again, and we looked at how it was made. I also showed them an example of one of the other children’s masks.
I asked would they like to change themselves? To become ‘fantastic’, larger than life? To help us prepare ideas we looked at some mask books I had brought, ‘collecting’ interesting eyes, noses, brows etc, hair, teeth, list by drawing on A2 sheets which we pinned to the wall to inform us before we began work. Image
I showed them the materials and how the large sheet with head would be attached to a strip of paper around their own heads and reinforced by skewers so that it could be worn. The boys then drew their faces, cut out the features and used coloured cels and other interesting shadow casting materials to colour and decorate the masks. They used the overhead projectors to look at their new enlarged shadows. We added rods to the masks of those who did not want to wear them so they could operate them instead. Image
It was a very busy session and filled the hour so that we had not time to add fabric for bodies or to do much performing or playing with them, but each was labelled with the makers name and we have kept them for the week after next when we will devote the final session to performance and celebrating everything that has been made and combining some of them – for example, these masked characters can inhabit the images they made last week as backgrounds and places.
Materials and resources
Coloured acetate
Sample mask head
Mask Books
Light source – The overhead projector
Sheet, string and pegs to create screen
Large sheets of heavy paper / card
Strips of cardboard
Staplers and staples
Kebab skewers
Cutting mats and knives for the adults, high shelves and bumbag to keep these safe
Scissors, glue and cellotape, cellotape dispensers 
Scrap coloured cells, collage materials which cast interesting shadows as previous weeks
Scrap fabric to create bodies
Green canes / additional card for shoulders etc
Lap top with images of shadows set up on preview, also itunes, charger etc

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