Session 8 13 May Rathmichael NS 4th Class with Nell Regan

Today we sent our story writing skills to bootcamp!

To warm up our writing muscles we started off with 5 minutes of free writing – this was ‘proper’ free writing though as I didn’t give a topic, unlike last time. Lots of fourth class found that tough; The trickiest thing was deciding what to write about, but others found it okay as Every word led to something else and others just wrote about Whatever came into my head. Lots of others had sore hands after as they were writing so hard.

Then we moved onto story settings and looked at ways to describe where a story is set. We looked at some examples where the writer doesn’t state where it’s set (a hospital, a cinema, a supermarket and a tube station in London) but through the clues and atmosphere we were able to work it out. Then fourth class had a go – everyone picked a location for a story setting and wrote about it without naming it.

Then several people read theirs out and we tried to pick out from the clues where the story was set.

Reading out our own story settings

What terrific writing came out of this. Here is a short extracts, can you guess where this 4th class stories is set?

“I puffed on, the burning sand against my feet, I couldn’t take it any longer, I only had 70 ml left in my bottle…This was a night mare except for the light, the very bright light.”

Or this?

“Banana peels
Old toys
Odour of rotting cheese
Mould growing out of books
Rats everywhere”

Everyone felt satisfied by what they had done and there was some interesting reaction to it with lots of 4th class agreeing with one students comment that it was half easy and half hard to give clues without giving too much away.

Next, everyone got a chance to sharpen up their character creating skills. On each table I put a selection of pictures of different characters with captions ( everything from a ‘baby with special powers’ to a ‘stunt man’ and a ‘teacher with a secret’) Everyone chose one and here are some of them –


i nterviewing

Then everyone thought about their character and then their partner interviewed or hot seated the character so that they found out more about them in the process. After this everyone had to write ten things about their character.

Finally we watched some great story starter clips and are excited about getting going on writing the endings for these stories next time.


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